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Outside Terrace

After a big day of work or a long travel, come and enjoy our beautiful outdoors surrounded by lakes and greenery. Imagine yourself: cocktail in hand, playing petanque or mölkky with friends, sunglasses and good mood ! It's easy and it's at the Golden Tulip Lyon Eurexpo !

Petanque time

Did you know that petanque was the tenth most played sport in France? No, it's not a sport dedicated to Southerners! Balls and jacks are at your disposal at the reception desk. Cross the bar and head for the petanque court for a moment with friends.


Did you know that Mölkky is the game of summer! The little Finn has been raging in France for a few years, so it's time to get started! Ask at the front desk to have a game set (with the rules of the game do not worry !).